Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

Leadership, Co-intelligence, and Effective Participation

The New "Bottom Line"

Trust. Creativity. Teamwork. We know they directly affect organizational effectiveness and profit margins.

Instead of being a constant source of static and friction, diversity of viewpoints can be a powerful and freely available source of energy and innovation.

Simple yet powerful understandings, methods, and structures can make all the difference in the world.


Hi, I'm Rosa Zubizarreta, founder of Diapraxis.

My gift is helping complex challenges give birth to new, creative possibilities. And I love helping others learn to do this work!



Flow-Friendly Meetings:

If you are an organizational leader responsible for:

• management team retreats
• participatory change projects
• internal capacity-building efforts

then you already know the value of  transforming unproductive friction into greater effectiveness, creativity, and collaboration.

We offer group facilitation services, as well as in-house training to support your staff in developing their capacity to do this crucial work.  

And, if you are a community leader responsible for:

• public participation projects
• stakeholder collaborations
• community planning processes

we can support you in transforming conflict and polarization into greater wholeness, new learning, and new ways to move forward, together.

To explore if this might be a good fit for you and your organization, call or e-mail us for an initial pro-bono consult.

Respect & Empower

We are proud to champion the Great Work Cultures Initiative!


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