Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

Inner Listening for Professional Listeners

for facilitative leaders, mediators, coaches, and consultants

We know that the quality and depth of the presence we bring to our professional work, can make a significant difference with regard to outcomes. 

Yet to do our best work, to be there for others as deeply and powerfully as we'd like -- we also need to be there for our own selves.

The places inside us that still need to be seen and heard and held, are usually the limiting factor in our ability to be fully present with others.

Those of us who are drawn to facilitating growth in groups, whose work involves supporting others, also need to receive support, as we facilitate our own "internal meeting". To paraphrase Whitman, we each "contain multitudes"; and the dynamics of our own inner life can have strong parallels with external group dynamics.

I still remember the comment made by a gentleman who attended one of my "Heart-Centered Listening" workshops. When we came back to the full circle after having engaged in a deep listening activity in triads, he reported back with a note of surprise:

"I came here to learn how to be a better listener to others, since that's what I do as part of my Community Relations work in municipal government. Yet today I discovered that to be a better listener myself, I need some listening, too!"

My role when serving as an Inner Relationship coach, is to support you in this inner listening process.

It is an honor to work with you, as I know that your work in turn influences many others. Please contact me if you are interested in exploring together whether this may be a fit.

Rosa's practice of Inner Relationship coaching is informed and inspired by Schwartz' Internal Family Systems model, Cornell and McGavin's Inner Relationship Focusing, and Donaghue's Inner Empathy work, among others. (However, the "secret sauce" that ties the various ingredients together, is all her own! :-)



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