Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

Social Action

Growing Our Beloved Community

• What difference would it make, if you knew that people with diverse perspectives can engage in productive and enjoyable conversations, even on challenging social issues?

• What difference would it make, if you were able to help others become genuinely interested and curious about differences, instead of threatened and defensive? 

• And what difference would that make to the issues you care about?

In our intro evenings, we offer you and your group a taste of this work. Each of you gets to:

• share your own authentic perspectives without having to "hold back"

• feel deeply heard

• hear others' strongly-felt perspectives, without feeling personally attacked

• experience a co-creative, co-intelligent space, where differences contribute in a positive way to our evolving shared understanding

We can explore a topic you have pre-selected previously, or select a topic based on participants' input. After a facilitated conversation, we will debrief our experience together, and explore possible applications.

Below are some comments that participants have made about this work...

"It seemed we all felt moved to a different place, from where we started. I am feeling something moving in our consciousness. What has been stirred up, means that there will be a lot of experimentation. This work has depth."

"Reflecting on my own unconscious bias, and us-them nature, helps me become ‘part of the solution’. This was an opportunity to be faced with how to heal myself, so I can operate from greater integrity and wholeness."

"I see real value in this work for conflict resolution."

"This work creates depth with passion. Seeing it in others, feeling myself be moved – this activates me and gives me a sense of life again."

If you live in the New England area, and would like to host a gathering in your home or your community organization, let me know.  
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