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Rosa Zubizarreta

As founder of DiaPraxis, Rosa supports leaders and groups to work creatively with divergent perspectives. Her mission is to help develop organizational, community, and societal capacity in this arena, and here is her personal manifesto

With a background in Organization Development, Rosa has experience with both traditional approaches such as Action Research and dialogical approaches including Future Search, Open Space, and World Café. Her book From Conflict to Creative Collaboration is a practical manual based on her deep content expertise with Dynamic Facilitation.

Rosa's earlier career includes clinical social work and education reform. In the personal development realm, she is a certified Focusing professional, has completed Level One of the Internal Family Systems model, and has trained intensively in Heart IQ. A life-long activist, she explores the intersection of group facilitation and social change in her personal blog The Listening Arts. Rosa is presently back in school, earning a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems at Fielding Graduate University.

Bruce_for_websiteBruce Nayowith

Bruce Nayowith, M.D. is well-versed in human, group, and organizational transformation. As Chair of the Utilization Management Steering Group for a regional HMO, he led a comprehensive Quality Improvement effort that generated a turnaround from a $1.8 million loss to a $4.4 million dollar gain within 2 years.

In addition to Deming's work, Bruce is conversant with emergent group processes including Scott Peck's Community Building Workshops, Dynamic Facilitation and Open Dialogue. 

A long-time Focusing practitioner and student of developmental and depth psychologies, Bruce practices Emergency Medicine in western Massachusetts.

Christiana Wal

Christiana Wall has a private Relationship Coaching and Counseling practice in Chatham, NY and leads workshops on “The Art of Not Taking it Personally”. The synergy of what she offers is informed by her training in numerous modalities, including Psychosynthesis, Anthroposophic Psychology, Spatial Dynamics, Non-Violent Communication, Restorative Justice, and more.

Christiana co-led “Call of Self in the Call of the Cosmos”, a workshop at the 2016 Psychosynthesis Annual Conference in Taormina, Italy, and authored “Valuing Self - The Gift of the Cosmos” , a chapter in the book Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching.

A social worker at heart (in the best sense of that term!) Christiana has been a New York State Certified Mediator since the year 2000 and earned her Masters in Social Work from SUNY Albany (2003). She has collaborated with Rosa on various projects, including staff development work with Waldorf Schools and community workshops on “Communication Practices that Open Minds and Hearts”.

Uli Nagel 

Uli Nagel’s lifelong interest in community, organization development and communication has led her to study dialogue as a spiritual practice, Holacracy, and group facilitation. Her goal is to create more opportunities for the transformative potential of integral communication to meet the profound challenges we are facing today.

“I have experienced many times that humans can find a way to go beyond the defenses that divide us, and instead truly listen, feel 'gotten' and feel heard. When that happens, the trust and joy that is released creates new potentials for us to be creative together. The simple yet profound act of skillful communication points to the change that these times are asking all of us humans to make."

Uli is a small business owner and has managed multiple small businesses and volunteer groups over the years. She has been training and collaborating with Rosa Zubizarreta since early 2017.

Heather Low

Heather Low is a Master of Social Work student online at Arizona State University. She has practiced as a Community Mental Health Worker for nearly 4 years and is passionate about learning and growing in her therapeutic abilities. As an intern, Heather is expanding her skills in coaching individuals, facilitating conflict resolution processes, leading workshops, and applying her deep listening skills to work with groups and organizations.
After graduation in May 2019 Heather plans to take the exam to become a Licensed Social Worker and continue her work with both individuals and groups. She looks forward to continuing to collaborate with Rosa with Dynamic Facilitation workshops and other teaching/training opportunities. 

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