Arriving at Powerful Truths, Together

for inspired leaders in business, non-profit, and community settings

A New “Bottom Line”

To work together in new ways, we need new ways of thinking and feeling and sensing together.

Instead of being a source of static and friction, diversity of viewpoints can become a freely available source of energy and innovation.

We offer simple yet powerful understandings, practices, and structures that can make all the difference in the world.


Photo of Rosa Zubizaretta


The Power of Groups in Flow

Whenever we are fully engaged in creative work, the line between “work” and “play” begins to blur. 

Yet for us humans to stay in our “creative brains”, psychological safety is key. Otherwise, we tend to shift over into our lizard brains.

How can you benefit from learning ways to transform unproductive friction into greater creativity and collaboration?

And how might you and your organization benefit, from having greater internal capacity in this area?

Imagine what it could be like to have truly awesome meetings – especially during challenging times when differences need to be hashed out.


Founder’s Message

Hi, I’m Rosa Zubizarreta, founder of Diapraxis.

One of my gifts is helping create human environments where complex challenges can give birth to new creative possibilities.

I especially enjoy designing and hosting learning opportunities for those who are called to this work.

In addition to working with leaders who are committed to organizational health and transformation,
I also consult with professionals who design and manage:

• public participation projects
• stakeholder collaborations   
• community planning processes

Let me know if you want to schedule an initial pro-bono consultation,

to explore whether working together might be a good fit.